Wholesale Overview

Yes, we offer our greeting cards, stickers and pins for wholesale! We love working with retailers across the USA, Canada and beyond.

We are currently in 4 countries and over 31 states (not counting our national retailer). You can find our locations below.

To make ordering as easy as possible we offer a few options when purchasing.

1. Order directly from us:

  • Please click 👉🏻 here to download the order form
    • $100.00 min order / $75.00 re-order min
    • Min. of 6 per design
    • Payment due prior to shipping via CC or PayPayl
    • Lead time 1 to 7 days unless otherwise communicated
  • Fill out the order form, email directly to Lisa@YellowDaisyPaperCo.Com
  • An invoice will be emailed for payment once the product is ready to ship

2. Tundra:

    • An online market place offering
      • Global shipping
      • 60 day payment terms for approved accounts
      • Free shipping on select orders
      • Shop Yellow Daisy Paper on Tundra 👇

3. Faire:

      • An online market place offering:
        • 60 day payment terms for brick and mortar stores
        • Low risk with free returns on your first order
          • $100.00 store credit on Yellow Daisy Paper Co. products
          • Free freight on Yellow Daisy Paper Co. orders for one year
      • Shop Yellow Daisy Paper on Faire 👇